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Everything He Touches Turns to SOLD!

Looking for the most comprehensive understanding of the Faulkner County Real Estate Market? I'm here to help. From 1st time buyers, to seasoned investors, all the way to selling your first home, to contractors selling over 40 homes a year. I have over 10 years experience and I'm recognized as one of this market's very top producers. I've designed and implemented many of the incredible marketing techniques currently used by today's top professionals. Knowing these techniques is one thing, but being able to work them, is the difference between a hobby and professionalism. My contracting background includes the helping in development of three "successful" subdivisions in the Faulkner County market and the designing of what sells and when it sells. Building a net worth in the millions for many of my clients is one of my pinnacles of achievement! "When you succeed, I succeed!" ... has, and always will be my philosophy. I am skilled at understanding your financial situation and breaking down which loan would work best for you, so you don't become a victim of bad lending practices. When selecting your next Realtor, choose to work with one who listens and understands your needs. This is my life ... not my hobby! Call me today! Perspective Prospective


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